[Webinar]: Gartner: 2023 Analytics and BI Platforms Magic Quadrant

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Link: Gartner Webinar

This is always worth a look, but an interesting webinar from David Pidsley announcing Gartners Magic Quadrant for BI systems, plus commentary on the major systems. It does seem like AI interpretation is starting to become popular and the latest hype cycle. MS Power BI continues to extend its lead, with Tableau probably second…. Worth a review.


The analytics and business intelligence (ABI) platform market is evolving rapidly, and understanding key trends and insights is crucial for organizations seeking to make informed decisions. In this analysis, the author discusses several essential trends, including composable data and analytics, augmented analytics, data science integration, decision intelligence, and the importance of a strong metric store. These trends are shaping the ABI platform landscape and have significant implications for businesses looking to enhance their data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Key Points and Ideas

  • Composable Data and Analytics: Organizations should focus on selecting ABI platforms that allow for modularity and composability, enabling them to build tailored solutions by integrating various capabilities and avoiding the need for new platforms.
  • Augmented Analytics: The rise of generative AI and natural language query interfaces is changing the landscape, making augmented analytics increasingly important for users who want to derive insights automatically from data.
  • Data Science Integration: ABI platforms should support data scientists and citizen data scientists by providing tools for prototyping and building non-production models, fostering collaboration between data scientists and business users.
  • Decision Intelligence: There is a growing emphasis on making decisions explicit within platforms to improve decision outcomes, particularly in regulated industries, where auditability and transparency are critical.
  • Metric Store: Centralized governance of business metrics and measures is becoming essential to ensure consistent definitions and access across downstream systems, aiding in data-driven decision-making.
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Key Statistics

  • The ABI platform market is experiencing rapid growth, with new capabilities and features being introduced at a fast pace.
  • Generative AI and natural language query interfaces are gaining traction, but adoption varies across vendors and users.
  • Businesses are increasingly looking for modular and composable ABI platforms to avoid vendor lock-in and adapt to changing needs.
  • Decision intelligence and the explicit modeling of decisions are becoming more critical, especially in industries with strict regulatory requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • Organizations should focus on selecting ABI platforms that offer modularity and composability to build tailored solutions and avoid vendor lock-in.
  • The rise of generative AI and natural language query interfaces makes augmented analytics an essential capability for deriving insights automatically from data.
  • Data science integration is crucial for supporting data scientists and citizen data scientists, fostering collaboration, and building non-production models.
  • Businesses in regulated industries should prioritize decision intelligence to ensure auditability and transparency in decision-making processes.
  • Establishing a centralized metric store for business metrics and measures is essential for consistent access and definitions across downstream systems, enhancing data-driven decision-making capabilities.

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