[CONTENT] Ofgem: Vulnerability and guidelines within the Energy Industry

At the end of April Ofgem held a Vulnerability summit at which Jonathan Bearley gave a speech highlighting the need for a focus on vulnerability. Interestingly also the lines between financial difficulty and non-financial vulnerability is also increasingly getting blurred, with an increasing discussion of financial vulnerability. we will likely see even more of this trend going forward.

Jonathan Brearley's Speech at Ofgem's Vulnerability Summit

Energy prices are unlikely to return to pre-2021 levels and there is much to be done on vulnerability soon, an approach highlighted in the speech, with much to be learnt from other regulators too.

Existing Ofgem guidelines on vulnerability can be accessed below

Ofgem Customer Vulnerability Strategy


Jonathan Brearley, the CEO of Ofgem, delivered a speech at Ofgem's Vulnerability Summit, highlighting the need to protect vulnerable energy customers. He acknowledged that while energy prices are expected to ease in th...

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