[PODCASTS]: Roundup – 3 July 2023

BBC Business Daily: Do you like a noisy or quiet workplace?

Research shows that very quiet offices and very loud offices are both bad, while moderate noise levels around 50 decibels are best.Employees got used to quieter working conditions at home during the pandemic and are struggling to adjust to noisier offices.Sudden noises can startle workers and disrupt their focus.Companies are redesigning offices to control acoustics and noise levels.Moderate noise levels around 45 to 60 decibels, similar to normal conversation or birdsong, are found to boost productivity and wellbeing.Too much quiet can also be disruptive as workers are more sensitive to sudden noises.Companies are becoming more aware of the mental health impacts of noise levels and are adjusting office designs accordingly.Open plan offices aim to balance interaction and collaboration with limiting distractions.The pandemic has made both employers and employees rethink the benefits of remote versus office working.

BBC M...

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