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  1. Credit Unions’ Vital Role in Expanding Low-Cost Finance Access
    • Credit unions, regulated like banks but focused on member benefits, offer ethical savings and competitive loans, addressing financial inclusion. Read more: The Guardian
  2. UK Households Forced to Unplug Fridges Amid Rising Bills
    • Rising living costs push nearly half of UK households to disconnect fridges, revealing the impact of the cost of living crisis. Read more: The Guardian
  3. Boomers’ Financial System Advantage Throughout Their Lives
    • Boomers benefited from increased family and pension support when young, but now see cuts in family benefits as pensions rise. Read more: Resolution Foundation
  4. Insights into Mortgage Arrears and Possessions
    • Mortgage arrears data shows a decrease in homeowner possessions but an increase in buy-to-let arrears, highlighting the changing landscape. Read more: UK Finance
  5. Tailored Support Curbs Mortgage Arrears and Possessions
    • Mortgage lenders’ tailored support helps reduce homeowner possessions by 9%, maintaining stability despite economic challenges. Read more: UK Finance
  6. Nudges’ Impact on Loan Default Prevention
    • A large-scale study in Colombia explores how simple message changes to customers reduce loan default rates amid a cost-of-living crisis. Read more: UK Finance
  7. Consumer Duty Regulation and Its Ongoing Evolution
    • The Consumer Duty regulation’s deadline marks a beginning, as firms use it to demonstrate their proactive approach to consumer understanding. Read more: Plain Numbers
  8. Key Insights into PSD3 and PSR Regulations
    • The European Commission introduces PSD3 and PSR regulations, focusing on licensing, authentication, and fraud prevention in payments. Read more: European Payments Council
  9. Open Banking’s Transformative Impact on Payments
    • Open Banking enhances financial access and competition, reducing costs for businesses and making payments more efficient. Read more: Fintech Herald
  10. Rising Women’s Debt Amid Cost of Living Increase
    • Women face a 28% increase in seeking debt advice due to the cost of living surge, surpassing men in citing this reason. Read more: StepChange
  11. Firms Urged to Strengthen Anti-Fraud Measures
    • Amid rising fraud cases, firms are urged to enhance anti-fraud systems and support for victims, especially in a cost-of-living pressured environment. Read more: FCA
  12. UK National Well-being Dashboard Measures Progress
    • The UK’s well-being dashboard tracks changes in well-being measures, reflecting the nation’s short-term progress in various aspects. Read more: Office for National Statistics
  13. Caution Lights Flash for Credit Card Debt and Delinquencies
    • Bank credit card utilization returns to pre-pandemic levels, raising concerns about potential risks amid inflation’s resurgence. Read more: The Financial Brand
  14. Middle Market Optimism Amid Risk of Recession
    • The middle market remains cautiously optimistic despite the risk of recession, driven by easing inflationary pressures. Read more: Credit Connect
  15. Mortgage Arrears on the Rise for Landlords and Homeowners
    • Residential and buy-to-let mortgage arrears surge by 18% and 29%, respectively, posing challenges for both landlords and homeowners. Read more: Credit Connect
  16. No-Fault Evictions Reach Seven-Year High
    • Court proceedings related to no-fault evictions spike by 38%, urging government action on the Renters (Reform) Bill. Read more: Credit Connect
  17. Understanding Financial Topics Remains a Challenge
    • One in ten individuals struggles to confidently explain key financial topics, highlighting the need for financial education. Read more: Credit Connect
  18. Financial Pressure Mounts for Parents
    • Parents face financial pressure due to increasing childcare and housing costs, juggling immediate priorities with saving for the future. Read more: Credit Connect
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