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  1. UK’s Debit Card Dominance in 2022: Debit cards accounted for half of all UK payments last year, reflecting a shift towards digital payments, according to UK Finance. (Read more: Link)
  2. UK Adults Prioritize Savings: One in three UK adults is focusing on building their savings amidst economic uncertainty, as revealed in a study by Gatehouse Bank. (Read more: Link)
  3. TikTok’s Data Practices Unveiled: An experiment by experts reveals how TikTok collects and shares user data with data brokers, shedding light on the platform’s data-sharing mechanisms. (Read more: Link) [Italian]
  4. Rise of Mortgage Arrears in the UK: Mortgage arrears in the UK surged by 13%, reaching the highest level since 2016, posing challenges to the mortgage market, says the Bank of England. (Read more: Link)
  5. Climate Impact on Grocery Items: A report by Christian Aid warns that over a fifth of UK consumers’ favorite grocery items are at risk due to climate change, potentially leading to shortages. (Read more: Link)
  6. AI Impact on CAPTCHA: Evolving AI models are outperforming humans in CAPTCHA-solving tasks, posing implications for online security. (Read more: Link)
  7. NatWest’s Open Banking Payment Links: NatWest introduces secure, single-use payment links for open banking payments, offering a convenient payment method for businesses. (Read more: Link)
  8. ChatGPT’s Language Challenges: ChatGPT performs well in dominant languages but faces difficulties in languages like Bengali and Swahili, highlighting limitations in its language capabilities. (Read more: Link)
  9. The Power of Causal Models in AI: Causal models are emerging as a key enabler in advancing from weak to strong AI, offering more robust decision-making. (Read more: Link)
  10. Generative AI’s Impact on Content Indexing: Generative AI indexing technology can provide human-like descriptions for video content, enhancing content management capabilities. (Read more: Link)
  11. Adyen’s Network Token Growth: Adyen’s issuance of over two billion active network tokens has led to cost reduction and increased transaction approval rates for businesses. (Read more: Link)
  12. Ethical Considerations in AI for Banks: Banks and credit unions embracing AI technology must remain vigilant about ethical and data privacy concerns while optimizing operations. (Read more: Link)
  13. Zero-Percent Loans from Credit Unions: Credit unions explore zero-percent loan products offered by the Community Impact Fund, preserving borrower privacy in the application process. (Read more: Link)
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