Podcast ¦ Vulnerability Matters: Episode 13 – Lived experience with Dan Holloway and Chris Fitch

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Podcast Summary:
This podcast episode discusses the concept of lived experience and its relevance in understanding and addressing vulnerabilities. The host, Chris Fitch, interviews Dan Holloway, an expert in lived experience and disability, who provides insights into the practical implications of involving individuals with lived experience in product design and service testing. They explore the history and definition of lived experience, the importance of engagement and listening to customers, and the various levels and types of involvement. The episode also highlights the need for firms to have a clear inclusion criteria and to pay individuals for their time and expertise. Overall, the podcast emphasizes the value of lived experience in improving the design and delivery of products and services.

Key Points:

Lived experience experts have firsthand experience of a problem and their insights are crucial in understanding and solving that problem.

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