Podcast ¦ CreditShift : Economic and AI Trends for 2024

Access the full podcast series here Summary In this podcast, the hosts discuss recent news and trends in the credit industry. They delve into topics such as the Bank of England's decision to maintain the bank rate and its projected decrease, the contraction in the UK economy, and the impact on living standards. They also touch on the importance of public investments for economic growth and the potential for interest rate cuts. The hosts highlight the need for monitoring market predictions versus central bank decisions and mention the decrease in prices seen in supermarkets and other sectors. Key Points The Bank of England decided to maintain the bank rate at 5.25% and expects it to remain constant until the third quarter of 2024. UK economy experienced a contraction in October, indicating a lack of growth in the third quarter. Poll suggests that voters may not see significant improvement in living standards before the upcoming general election. Market predictions in...

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