Podcast ¦ Get out of wrap: 193 Jordan Powell on the transition from Agent to Team Leader

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Key Takeaways

Transitioning from an agent to a team leader in the contact centre industry can bring new challenges and opportunities for growth.
Building trust and camaraderie within a team is crucial for success.
Self-learning and adaptation are important skills to develop as a team leader.
Being proactive and taking initiative in seeking out opportunities for growth can lead to career advancement.
Physical energy and changing one's physical state can impact performance in sales or outbound campaigns.

Key Statistics

Jordan transitioned from being an introvert in a non-customer-facing role to becoming a successful corporate sales team leader in just four months.
The podcast episode was taken from a live stream in a team leader community with over 380 members.
The team leader community focuses on providing support and resources for individuals in leadership roles within the contact centre industry.

Key Discussion Points


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