Podcast ¦ Informing Choices: 21st Century Leadership with Cat Barnard

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Key Takeaways

The future of leadership requires a shift towards authentic, transparent, values-driven leadership.
Collective intelligence and decentralised decision-making are crucial for navigating the increasing complexity of the business landscape.
Emotional intelligence, resilience, empathy, self-awareness, curiosity, courage, and critical thinking are key skills for future leaders.
Prioritising relationships and community within organisations can lead to higher engagement and productivity.
Evolution in leadership is necessary to adapt to the evolving external environment.

Key Statistics

Brunswick research in 2022 highlighted the demand for authentic, transparent leadership.
Data from research on zombie businesses in the UK indicates the prevalence of non-viable businesses.

Key Discussion Points

The necessity of evolving leadership to align with the changing demands of the modern business landscape.
How the pandemic has...

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