[PODCAST]: Collecting Thoughts: From Law to Collections Leadership

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Podcast Link: CnR

In the latest episode of "Collecting Thoughts" by CNR Software, Christina hosts Binoy del Alba, the Global Director of Collections at Talent. With a rich background as a jurist and holding two master's degrees in international law, Binoy delves into his unconventional journey into the collections industry. The conversation pivots around his unique approach to collections, emphasizing empathy, interdepartmental collaboration, and customer-centric strategies.

Key Points and Ideas

Binoy del Alba transitioned from a jurist to collections, applying his legal expertise to the banking sector initially.His shift to a B2B environment in collections marked a significant change in his approach to debt collection.Del Alba prioritizes understanding internal team dynamics and customer needs over conventional collection tactics.He emphasizes the importance of collaborating with sales, billing, and support teams t...

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