[PODCAST]: Credit Shift: News Update Worrying Economic Trends, EU’s Digital Identity Mandate & Game Changing AI

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Podcast Link: Credit Shift

Paul Sweeney and Cormac O'Neill, co-founders of Webio, dive into a week full of significant economic and technological updates in this edition of Credit Shift.

Key Points and Ideas

UK Economic Stagnation: The UK economy showed no growth in Q3, signaling a potential recession.Eurozone Contraction: The Eurozone experienced a 0.1% contraction, with Germany barely avoiding a recession.Energy Prices and High Interest Rates: Soaring energy costs and high interest rates are dampening economic activities across Europe.UK Credit Challenges: A UK survey revealed that 30% of adults missed a payment in 2023, with credit card payments being the most common.Gender Disparity in Debt: More women are seeking debt advice, with 64% of StepChange's clientele being female in the first half of 2023.Economic Outlook Concerns: Discussions indicate similarities to the 2007-2008 financial crisis and skepticism around t...

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