[PODCAST]: Informing Choices: The Future of Media and News

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Podcast Link: Informing Choices


In a this podcast episode, futurist Sylvia Calusa and host Steve discuss the rapid development of generative AI and its implications for media, content creation, truth, and bias. They delve into how generative AI models have evolved, its applications, and the challenges it poses to journalism and content creation. They also explore the potential for democratizing content creation and the risks of exacerbating bias and inequality.

Key Points and Ideas

Generative AI has seen rapid development, with models like GPT-3 and GPT-4 leading the way.OpenAI's user-friendly model, ChatGPT, ignited an acceleration of generative AI development in 2022.Ethical concerns delayed the release of generative AI to the general population.Various industries and functions, including marketing and creative, are adopting generative AI, while others lag behind.Communication and media industries are exper...

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