[PODCAST]: PunkCX: Customers don’t want minimally viable anything. They just want quality

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Link: PunkCX

In this edition of the Punk CX Podcast, host Adrian Swinscoe engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Debbie Levitt, CXO of Delta CX. The dialogue centered on the evolving landscape of customer and user experience strategies, challenging the prevailing norms of rapid product development and the glorification of failure in business culture. Levitt advocated for a more insightful and research-driven approach, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer needs through qualitative research rather than assumptions or minimal viable products.

Key Points and Ideas

The current trend in product development focuses on speed and MVPs, often overlooking customer needs.There is a widespread culture of celebrating failure, with less emphasis on accountability and learning.Qualitative research is underutilized in understanding customer behavior and preferences.Companies often rely on assumptions or gues...

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