Treasuring normality

I don’t know about everyone else, but I have had trouble sleeping recently. Ever since Thursday I have been horrified by the events unfolding in Ukraine. How can this happen, these days and change just so quickly? What is happing is just awful, the invasion needs to stop.

This is not to say that these events don’t happen elsewhere, they do and some are still happening… but watching events unfold, on our doorstep in Europe and with so many posts in English, has really brought it home… shattering a perceived sense of peace and stability.

Weekly video

So on Thursday, I could not post my normal video, it just did not seem appropriate… and with the situation on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday really not getting much better (worse actually), I have been finding it increasingly hard to concentrate, knowing what is happening elsewhere.

Suddenly concerns over the COVID pandemic, the energy crisis, inflation have all been put into a new priority. Daily chores such as doing the shopping, fitting in the school run, even cleaning the house now seemed more important… normal life and normality is something we clearly need to treasure more.

Start of a new week

With today being Monday, I have cheered up a bit. Not that I am normally cheery on a Monday, but with work to throw myself into it has been a distraction…

But, I did ponder if other people may also have been feeling the same. It is not a cheery subject I know, but in this always-connected, always-on, other people who may also be feeling like this – if you do, you are not alone.

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Talking and sharing can help and if you have a team at work, it may be worth checking in with them today or tomorrow too.

What can we do?

And… although we may feel powerless to meaningfully help, there are things we can still do, no matter the conflict and whatever country we are in… be vocal on calling out inhumanity… be intolerant of it whenever you see people being treated badly… make your views known… stick up for those that are in less fortunate situations… help if you can… not always easy I know, but I also know we have to try.

For now, I am praying for safety for everyone in Ukraine and for the fighting to stop.

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