[Webinar]: Gartner: Ask the Experts: The Impacts of Generative AI, Such as ChatGPT

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Link: Ask the Experts: The Impacts of Generative AI, Such as ChatGPT

In this webinar Gartner delve into the potential implications of generative AI on enterprise processes. They discuss key facts, ideas, opinions, and recommendations related to the adoption of AI technologies. Emphasizing the importance of governance, data quality, and transparency, they provide valuable insights for organizational leaders seeking to leverage generative AI for automation and augmentation in their operations.

Key Points

Tacit knowledge will take on a different significance in the AI era, influencing the skills required for human workers.Transparency, value measurement, and addressing bias are crucial considerations in AI implementation.Establishing governance structures and advisory teams can guide the responsible use of generative AI.Data privacy regulations vary by industry and geographical location, requiring organizations to navigate ...

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