[Webinar]: Gartner: Beyond the Hype: The Practical Applications & Use Cases of Generative AI

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Link: Gartner Webinar

Generative AI, a field of artificial intelligence (AI), is gaining traction in various industries. This discussion provides valuable insights and recommendations on leveraging generative AI while addressing its risks and challenges. It discusses the potential of synthetic data to address privacy concerns and mitigate biases in AI models. The use cases of generative AI, such as chip design, material science, and drug discovery, are explored. The discussion emphasizes the need for responsible and ethical use of generative AI, including establishing policies, controls, and ethics boards. It also highlights the impact on job categories, particularly in creative industries, and recommends developing a formal AI strategy and identifying specific use cases for generative AI implementation.

Key Points

Synthetic data can be utilized to address privacy concerns and enhance AI model training.Generative AI is r...

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