Weekly Headline Roundup: 05-05-2023

Headlines :

-> Scientists create high-resolution poverty maps using big data

-> Monzo hits 250K business customer milestone

-> Households missing out on £19bn a year in unclaimed welfare benefits

-> Credit Union borrowing hit record levels in 2022

-> Cost of living squeeze is holding back business growth despite confidence recovery

-> TransUnion Responds to Gambling Reforms – CCR

-> the worst may be over – CCR

-> We’ve seen a star devouring a planet for the first time

-> Decades-old mystery about photosynthesis finally solved

-> Ultrasound opens brain barrier so drugs can reach aggressive tumours

-> Do we live in a hologram? Why physics is still mesmerised by this idea

-> How Midsize Companies Can Keep Up with AI

-> Food price inflation: why the cost of making a family spag bol has hit £10 | UK cost of living crisis

-> UK watchdog plans to shake up stock listing rules

-> UK to ban all cold calls selling financial products

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