Weekly Headline Roundup: 06-10-2023

Headline Update 06-10-2023 :

-> Consumers being pushed towards payday loans and BNPL

-> Barclays warns students about money mule risks

-> Energy bills forecast to rise in January

-> Energy bill debt rises 36%

-> UK consumers least likely to worry about cost of living impact on credit rating

-> Large segment of UK ill-equipped to cope with cost of living rise

-> Poor credit scores cost up to £272,000 more over a lifetime

-> Lending Standards Board joins UK Regulators’ Network

-> Charted: Retirement Age by Country

-> National living wage to rise to £11 an hour, Jeremy Hunt to confirm

-> ChatGPT can now access up to date information

-> Meta announces AI chatbots with ‘personality’

-> Half of UK firms open offices outside city centres, study claims | Working from home

-> Central Bank of Ireland proposes minimum knowledge requirements for credit union workers

-> AI race heats up between France and UK

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