Weekly Headline Roundup: 10-11-2023

Headline Update 10-11-2023 :

-> Decade-low mortgage growth forecast into 2024

-> Half of people are borrowing to cover the cost of nasty surprises

-> Banks told to improve treatment of fraud victims

-> Car insurance premiums hit record levels due to rising costs | Business News

-> Relief for homeowners after “debt” cleared and meter reading rectified – The Crusader | The Crusader | Finance

-> OpenAI’s massive ChatGPT updates leak ahead of developer conference

-> Elon Musk unveils Grok, an AI chatbot with a ‘rebellious streak’ | Elon Musk

-> FS23/6: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

-> Consumer Duty targets second charge mortgages and marketing: FCA   – Mortgage Strategy

-> One in five properties report 10% rents rise

-> Bank of England holds interest rate – consumer credit industry reaction

-> One in ten SMEs fold after funding access struggle

-> Seven million forced to borrow money to pay bills this winter

-> Consumers spending £494 per month more on housing, food and energy bills

-> FOS complaints increased by over 13,000 in first half of 2023

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