Weekly Headline Roundup: 11-08-2023

Headlines :

-> Visualizing the $105 Trillion World Economy in One Chart

-> Revolutionizing Debt Recovery in India: Mobicule Technologies’ Tech-Driven Approach

-> High mortgages rates drive sharp downturn in demand

-> 7.4m people have unsuccessfully attempted to contact the financial services sector

-> Average house now costs 8.4 times income

-> Consumer credit hits five-year high

-> One in five motorists no longer ‘brimming’ their tank

-> TransUnion Shares Insights and Expertise to Help Businesses in Navigating Consumer Duty – CCR

-> ‘It’s tough out there’: cracks in UK housebuilding sector grow by the day | Construction industry

-> Italian banks hit with surprise windfall tax

-> The Best Debt Collection Agencies Do Things Differently

-> Americans’ Credit Card Debt Reaches Record High | Ohio News | Cleveland

-> Ranked: The Top Economies in the World (1980‒2075)

-> Rising cost of living in the UK

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