Weekly Headline Roundup: 15-03-2024

Headline Update 15-03-2024 :

-> AI Prompt Engineering Is Dead

-> AI Spam Threatens the Internet—AI Can Also Protect It

-> A Few Social Media Influencers Are Shaping AI

-> Microsoft AI-powered cyber service to go live in April

-> EU set to impose stringent rules on food packaging

-> MEPs approve world’s first comprehensive AI law

-> WhenFresh HMO Targeting Delivers 95% Success Rate for Coventry City Council

-> Martin Lewis investigates shady actions by UK Debt Collection Company

-> UK has highest housing costs in the English-speaking world

-> Amazon Business Enters 10th Market With Mexico Launch

-> Jaja Finance and Plain Numbers announces partnership

-> Starling Bank appoints Raman Bhatia new Group CEO

-> ‘Journalists are feeding the AI hype machine’

-> Starling Bank poaches Ovo chief for next phase of growth

-> (3) New DRO criteria – Is there a risk of unintended consequences?

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