Weekly Headline Roundup: 23-06-2023

Headlines :

-> Interest rates: Bank of England governor admits rise painful for many

-> Bank of England hikes interest rates to 4.75%

-> UK Finance   – Mortgage Strategy

-> German tabloid Bild cuts 200 jobs and says some roles will be replaced by AI | Germany

-> Two in five hit by unexpected bills

-> 5.7m low-income households having to cut down or skip meals

-> Arrears levels rise by 11%

-> Inflation remains flat at 8.7% – credit industry reaction

-> 6.9m mortgage holders struggling to keep up with household bills

-> Pub closures increase by 68%

-> UK inflation: which goods and services have risen most in price? | Inflation

-> Aryza announces a strategic partnership with Acquired.com

-> EU moves closer to passing one of world’s first laws governing AI | Artificial intelligence (AI)

-> Business insolvencies jumped 40% in May

-> Economic potential of generative AI

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