Weekly Headline Roundup: 26-01-2024

Headline Update 26-01-2024 :

-> New law to tackle ‘hidden pricing’ ‒ will it protect your money?

-> Household disposable income improves – Credit Connect

-> More than 47,000 UK businesses on ‘brink of collapse’, warn insolvency experts | Recession

-> Millions of people in UK would need to double their income to escape poverty, new report warns | UK News

-> Two In Five Say Financial Situation Will Worsen. StepChange

-> Two in five small firms saw revenues fall over Q4 of 2023

-> One third of adults will run out of money by end of January

-> Interest rates predicted to be cut in May

-> Energy costs have Britons borrowing to keep the lights on

-> ‘Very scary’: Mark Zuckerberg’s pledge to build advanced AI alarms experts | Artificial intelligence (AI)

-> New Brexit checks ‘pose existential threat’ to UK fruit and flower growers | Brexit

-> I’m working but homeless and bottom of the housing list

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