Weekly Headline Roundup: 27-10-2023

Headline Update 27-10-2023 :

-> ECB keeps interest rates steady amid eurozone recession fears | European Central Bank

-> Surge in Unilever’s deodorant sales after workers return to office | Unilever

-> Bank of Canada governor won’t say when interest rates will drop, but insists it won’t take a recession

-> CFPB: Credit card companies charged consumers more than $130 billion in interest and fees in 2022

-> Increase in rent driving young people into debt

-> Half of adults say energy bills are biggest financial worry

-> High-cost short-term lender enters administration

-> Amazon Launches AI-Powered Image Generation Tool for Advertisers

-> Experts Reconsider Banning Ransom Payments as Ransomware Attacks Surge

-> Debt Collector Intrum Turns to Banks After Funding Markets Sour

-> Destitution in the UK 2023

-> Number of UK children living in destitution almost triples in five years

-> Curve issues first credit card

-> Government considers extending mortgage guarantee scheme

-> Cost of Living Crisis Drives 47% of UK Consumers Towards BNPL to Improve Credit Scores

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