Weekly Headline Roundup: 30-06-2023

Headlines :

-> Water Plus agrees debt management partnership with Flexys

-> 80% of households saw disposable income fall last month

-> Mortgage approvals up 3% despite rising interest rates – Mortgage Strategy

-> Loan sharks: New data reveal they are often work colleagues or ‘friends’

-> UK Researcher uncovers the subterranean world of illegal moneylending

-> UK Cards: Spend and Balances Rose in March

-> FCA joins other regulators to call on firms to help struggling customers

-> Ofgem moves to make new prepayment meter supplier rules compulsory | Energy industry

-> Mobile and broadband firms accused of fuelling UK ‘greedflation’ with major price hikes | Telecommunications industry

-> 3 Steps to Prepare Your Culture for AI

-> FICO UK Credit Card Market Report: March/April 2023 – CCR

-> Freedom Finance Mortgages appoints Managing Director

-> Ofgem announces measures to strengthen prepayment meter protections

-> One fifth of teachers reliant on BNPL

-> 1.2 million households insolvent as a direct result of higher mortgage payments

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