Weekly Headline Roundup: 31-05-2024

Headline Update 31-05-2024 :

-> Visa Launches AI-Powered Real-Time Fraud Detection in UK

-> Rise in debt repayments continues to hit household budgets

-> Data breach exposes details of 25,000 current and former BBC employees | BBC

-> ‘The chatbot has transformed my life’

-> Google AI Overviews: Can disastrous new search tool be fixed?

-> Martin Gutmann: Are we celebrating the wrong leaders?

-> Staff exodus hits UK’s statistics agency

-> Five Things to Watch as Synapse Bankruptcy Impact Shakes Up FinTechs

-> 5 Myths Expats Believe About Local Employees

-> ‘It breaks an employer’s control’: the tragic disappearance of the American lunch hour | Life and style

-> Sales in UK shops bounce back as inflation slows | Retail industry

-> New AI tools much hyped but not much used, study says

-> 2.7m card fraud is filed every year

-> Adoption of generative AI could widen corporate inequalities

-> Trying to tame AI: Seoul summit flags hurdles to regulation | Artificial intelligence (AI)

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