ROAR Frameworks

[FRAMEWORKS+] Symptomatic Performance Diagnosis

Remotely assess operational risk and evaluate issues across the customer lifecycle  MANAGING THE CREDIT RISK PROCESS Credit risk is simply the assessment of the risk that a customer will default on payment for a product or services that has been provided. In many businesses controlling this risk is a critical element in profitability.  Accept too much risk, revenue loss increases; too little, growth is constrained.  It has to be just right, finding the ideal balance helps maximise profitability. KEY CONTROL… Read more

[FRAMEWORKS] Customer Experience and Collections

Ideas to generate improved customer experience from the collections process THE CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE Effective management of Accounts Receivable (AR) requires process management and control across multiple elements of the customer lifecycle.  Together these elements represent the Risk Operations lifecycle. Managing each is critical to drive results, maintain controls, and balance with customer satisfaction. Fig 1:  Risk Operations Lifecycle One key element in this control process is Collections which exists downstream, at the end of the customer lifecycle.    Its primary… Read more

[FRAMEWORKS] Unleashing Value from Accounts Receivable

Ideas to optimize profitability and improve working capital INCREASING CASH FLOW In today‚Äôs economy getting paid on time is a crucial factor in sustaining sufficient cash flow for continued business operations and profitability. Customers making payments for services and products influence cash flow in a couple of important ways: speed and volume of payments. Increasing the speed of customer payments means cash is returned to the business faster.  It also improves the level of working capital, reducing investment-funding requirements for… Read more