DEMSA update: Consumer Duty / PRIN 2A / Insolvency Stats / DRO update / Training / Events

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General updateFCA speechTrainingIndividual Insolvency Statistics: July to September 2022DROs – guidance for debt advisersEvents

General update

New PM, Rishi Sunak, has delayed the government’s planned fiscal statement until 17 November as he seeks more time to make the “right decisions” on managing the British economy. Stability is key for both the markets and UK citizens, where consumer confidence remains low. StepChange has set out their top 3 asks of the new PM.  

UK Finance’s Take Five to Stop Fraud campaign is warning people to be alert to potential fraud, as more than half of the public (56%) said they are likely to look for opportunities to make extra money in the coming months due to the rise in the cost-of-living.

UK Finance has also published a blog entitled ‘Consumer Duty Champions – do you know what your destination is?”. For destination read ‘end state’, which is part of the gap analysis.  


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