Economic impacts continue to ripen

Weekly roundup: 11 Sept 2020

More details continued to emerge this week to illustrate the economic pressure, that is underway and growing across the economy.

There were also some interesting statistics from ONS on the impact of COVID on the economy. They really show the polarised impact of lockdown on different sectors in society.

Food and Accommodation, the impact has been dramatic, hard and sustained, but other sectors seem to have been only lightly impacted…. Public sector hardly at all, with minimal impact in financial services.

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All of this points to a lopsided impact and recovery. This is against a background of rising cases again remember too.

Of course, economic doom and gloom is not the only news going on and the topic of Brexit was back in the news this week… with the UK government seemingly appearing to want to tear up its previous agreement with the EU… all of which does not bode well for the future relationships, both with the EU and internationally, which are largely built on trust… one to watch closely through the end of the year.

The return to the office discussion also continued with some companies proudly announcing they are permanently office free. However I have also been hearing stories of businesses asking people to return, it will rumble on I suspect.

Lastly a few other stories of interest

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Have a good weekend everyone… @chris_w_tweet… (also published on

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