Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs) – Managing within a Credit Union

Join us on the 19th March 2024, at 10am, for a discussion on Individual Voluntary Arrangements, with particular focus on managing these, and the process, within a Credit Union.

Plenty of frustration has been expressed around this debt solution, in this sector, together with concerns around the influence Credit Union can have on outcomes.

We will explore this topic in more detail, provide more information, a forum for discussion, and present some new data around the IVA process.

The aim will be to provide some extra insight and ideas for management of this process. Having seen a preview of some of the data, it should be interesting and useful in terms of understanding the process in more depth.

Hopefully you are able to make the next event. (All those registered will also get a copy of the event summary too).

Register here and join us to find out more.


  • IVAs and the Credit Union Sector – challenges and feedback discussion
  • IVA data and performance – Looking at the process in more detail
  • IVA process opportunities – Influencing outcomes
  • Event summary conclusion

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