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  • Ofcom Announces Changes to Data Roaming Charges for UK Tourists
    Ofcom plans to introduce measures to protect UK holidaymakers from unexpected data roaming charges when abroad.
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  • J.P. Morgan and Expedia Highlight Importance of Risk Management for Treasurers
    Leaders from J.P. Morgan and Expedia discuss the evolving role of corporate treasurers in managing cross-border platform risks.
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  • Corporate Treasurers Urged to Adopt Active Risk Management Strategies
    The discussion by senior directors at Expedia and J.P. Morgan Payments emphasises the critical role of risk management for businesses operating internationally.
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  • Captivating Annular Solar Eclipse Photograph Captured in Utah
    An extraordinary photograph showcasing last year’s annular solar eclipse in Utah has been highlighted for its astonishment.
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  • The Rise of ‘Everything Advisers’ in the Consulting Industry
    Consultancies expand their services beyond traditional realms, becoming one-stop solutions for corporations facing multifaceted challenges.
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  • UK Households to Face Increased Debt from Credit Cards and Overdrafts
    A report raises concerns about the projected increase in household debt in the UK, spotlighting the reliance on credit facilities.
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  • Entrepreneurs Grapple with Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Theft Online
    Small business owners express their frustration and helplessness as they face a growing wave of counterfeits and intellectual property infringements.
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  • FCA’s Stance on Paid Banking Services Sparks Consumer Backlash
    The chief City regulator’s openness to banks charging for current accounts has led to widespread consumer dissatisfaction.
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  • Controversy Surrounds FCA’s Fast-Track Hiring of Internal Auditor
    The FCA faces criticism for the expedited recruitment of a chief internal auditor without audit qualifications, raising concerns over the fairness of the process.
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