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  1. NatWest Embraces Low Code Tech for Payments Modernization Program
    • NatWest selects Icon Payments Framework to align with ISO 20022 standards and drive UK’s New Payments Architecture. Read more
  2. Debt Consolidation Soars Among 50+ Mortgage Customers
    • Hodge data reveals a doubling in the number of older mortgage customers using funds for debt consolidation. Read more
  3. AI Helps Universities Identify At-Risk Online Students
    • Researchers at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya employ AI algorithms to reduce dropout rates by 12%. Read more
  4. FCA Initiates Review of Politically Exposed Persons Treatment
    • The FCA launches an inquiry into the treatment of domestic Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) by financial services firms. Read more
  5. Temenos Unveils Generative AI Tool for Customer Banking Transactions
    • Temenos introduces a generative AI tool for classifying and labeling customer transactions with high accuracy. Read more
  6. Consumers Seek Transparency in AI Data Value Exchange
    • Retailers urged to educate shoppers on data use and value in driving personalized experiences. Read more
  7. UK’s Online Safety Bill Faces Encryption Debate
    • The UK abandons the “spy clause,” impacting end-to-end encryption enforcement due to a lack of suitable technology. Read more
  8. Generative AI Expected to Impact 11 Million US Jobs by 2030
    • Forrester report predicts generative AI will replace 2.4 million US jobs but influence eleven million others. Read more
  9. Buy Now, Pay Later Gains Traction at Grocery Stores
    • A small but meaningful share of grocery shoppers utilize buy now, pay later (BNPL) for food purchases amid economic challenges. Read more
  10. Generative AI Used to Solve Day-to-Day Programming Problems
    • Developers turn to LLMs to replace traditional algorithms and data structures with API calls to language models. Read more
  11. More Than Five Million Adults Spend Beyond Their Means
    • Research reveals that over ten percent of adults spend beyond their means for at least seven months a year. Read more
  12. Average Student Living Costs Surge by 17% Since 2022
    • Save the Student finds a 17% increase in average monthly living costs for students, now totaling £1,078. Read more
  13. AI-Written Emails Challenge Spam Filtering
    • Generative AI generates unique marketing emails, reducing the effectiveness of spam fingerprinting. Read more
  14. Bank of England’s Regrettable Mistakes Fuel Inflation
    • Former top economist, Andy Haldane, criticizes the Bank of England’s response to COVID and inflation management. Read more
  15. Major Contractors Admit Delays in Invoice Payments
    • Nearly 20% of invoices from major contractors are paid late, impacting suppliers. Read more
  16. Airlines May Face Stricter Regulations on Hidden Fees
    • The UK government considers measures to address “drip pricing” and hidden fees in airline ticket fares. Read more
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