LLM Activity Speeding Up Development

In this clip Harrison Goode and Oliver Sulley highlight how working with chatbots or similar tools can provide quick results, whether it’s coding or following a recipe. However, having some foundational knowledge is crucial. For those with expertise, these tools can significantly streamline their work and allow them to focus on more critical tasks. For example, creating a website now takes just minutes with the right idea, although it may not be perfect. This accessibility to website creation is a… Read more

Verifying Complex Code still needs Expertise

In this clip Harrison Goode and Oliver Sulley explain how having powerful tools at your disposal comes with the responsibility of understanding how to use them effectively. There have been instances where AI systems fail simple tasks like basic math or provide incorrect answers. This becomes apparent and easily correctable in simple cases. However, when dealing with complex tasks involving thousands of lines of code, lacking coding knowledge makes it impossible to verify accuracy. It underscores the importance of competence… Read more

Conversational AI: Still a Key Focus for Enterprises

In this clip Harrison Goode and Oliver Sulley explain that while APIs have been around for some time, they remain a significant factor in automation efforts. Many companies have yet to fully explore their potential for scaling automation programs. Additionally, conversational AI is a prominent topic of discussion among enterprise businesses, as they recognize its potential to enhance customer service and satisfaction. These technologies continue to play essential roles in modern business strategies, despite some overlooking their significance. Find out… Read more

Low-Code/No-Code Implementation Challenges

In this clip Harrison Goode and Oliver Sulley discuss Low-code and no-code platforms. They are valuable tools, especially for larger companies looking to streamline processes without relying on their tech teams for every task. However, successful implementation often requires some knowledge of coding. While these platforms allow for drag-and-drop simplicity, they can encounter issues that need fixing, ideally by someone within the business. Rather than eliminating the need for developers, these platforms empower users to handle a significant portion of… Read more

Work Environment Varies by Role

In this clip Harrison Goode and Oliver Sulley explain how the preference for remote work varies depending on job roles. Developers can work remotely with consideration for security, but sales roles, especially for graduates, benefit from in-person learning and interaction. Some companies, particularly end-users, are gradually bringing employees back to the office once or twice a week, while vendors and consultancies mostly maintain remote work policies, with occasional in-person meetings. Businesses approach office usage on an as-needed basis, driven by… Read more

Tech Companies Adapting to New Challenges

In this clip Harrison Goode and Oliver Sulley explain how over the past 12 to 18 months, there has been a noticeable decline in employment, affecting both major companies like Facebook’s sales force and smaller tech businesses. The job cuts have not been limited to large corporations, but smaller enterprises have also experienced workforce reductions of 5% to 15% due to financial constraints. Initially, there was a surge in demand for technology as remote work became prevalent, but now, as… Read more