Feature Overload – Is collections made too complex?

Taking a step back for a second… are we making collections processes just too complex, too many bells and whistles, when at the end of the day this is about good customer conversations and outcomes? Mark Morrall and Ian Simpson from Indigo Cloud think this could be the case, however there is also a way to access some of these extra features, where they do make sense, at a more reasonable cost too… using cloud-native… Read more

Collections – clearly it is all getting cloudy

Mark Morrall and Ian Simpson discuss some of the trends they have seen in cloud software and in particular in the Collections software market. With the cloud-based software, leveraging economies of scale, advanced features are gradually becoming available to all sectors of the market…. and from a delivery point of view, physical infrastructure light and highly user configurable… it is becoming a game changer and fueling yet more dynamism in the sector. Find out more… Read more