[INSIGHTS+] Canadian Market Report

Our summary findings from our recent visit to Canada, in terms of opportunities in the market. Further economic outlook data has also been added since the report release, pointing to continued stress in the housing market, and the impact of interest rate increases this is having on consumers, with a recession likely in Q3-Q4, including an increase in unemployment. In our view, this puts further pressure on a need for proactive engagement of customers as early as possible, in order… Read more

[INSIGHTS] Canada market visit report

Our latest report provides an in-depth look at the key trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the Canadian collections industry, including in comparison with UK practice, all from the recent visit.Key findings include:? The evolution of digital and mobile contact strategies for collections? The importance of early collections treatment to reducing bad debt loss? Identifying and addressing vulnerability and affordability concerns? Emergence of innovative startups and progression in the industryAdd your details below to receive a copy of the report in… Read more