Averting Financial Loss in Difficult Times

Pedro Maya underscores a common business pitfall: investing in collections only during crises. Instead, consistent investments in collections, technology, and personnel are essential to prepare for both prosperity and challenges. The proactive approach can save companies significant sums and prevent financial setbacks. The abstract emphasizes the strategic importance of timely and continuous investment to ensure resilience during economic fluctuations. In order to access this content an ROAR Membership is required. To join or and create an account click¬† here¬†… Read more

Navigating Complexity: Customer Interaction is Transforming

Pedro Maya discusses the evolving landscape of customer service, with simple queries moving to digital channels. This shift necessitates more intricate call handling, requiring enhanced employee training. Despite the challenges, handling complex transactions brings meaningful rewards, especially when assisting customers in personal crises. Pedro emphasizes the significance of acknowledging the extended time and training demands for handling complex cases. This mutual understanding betwe... In order to access this content an ROAR Membership is required. To join or and create an… Read more

Leveraging Omnichannel Strategies in Delinquency Management

Pedro Maya discusses the necessity of omnichannel strategies in businesses, combining emails, messages, and calls for effective engagement. The approach, tailored to the customer's journey, optimizes timing and content. Within the initial delinquency phase, orchestrated SMS, emails, and calls are strategically scheduled. This enables customers to choose preferred communication modes, fostering personalized interaction and prompt responses. He highlights the significance of adaptable com... In order to access this content an ROAR Membership is required. To join or and create an… Read more

Customer Engagement: Maximising Digital Channels for Effectiveness

Pedro Maya discusses the evolving customer communication landscape, highlighting a shift from phone to digital channels, especially in collections. Despite this shift, telephony remains crucial for engagement. Consumers favor asynchronous communication for privacy and convenience. Businesses are urged to invest in understanding communication’s broader impact and embrace digital platforms like SMS for universal connectivity. Effective engagement fosters customer interaction, encouraging open dialogue about payments and assistance. The abstract underscores the significance of adapting communication strategies to engage customers effectively. Find… Read more

Accelerating Digital Strategies: Overcoming Challenges for Success

Pedro Maya discusses the shift to self-serve digital channels in business, noting investments in SMS, email, and improved IVR systems. Despite progress, the pace of digital integration remains inadequate. Digital strategies are crucial, yet their complexity and delayed returns lead distressed companies to question their tech investments. This hinders preparedness for expected high demand. Pedro highlights the urgency for businesses to embrace digital transformation for efficient operati... In order to access this content an ROAR Membership is required. To join… Read more

The Calm before the Storm in Financial Institutions

In this economic discussion, Pedro Maya likens the current state of the economy to an iceberg, with visible signs of impending turbulence. Despite the unease, individuals continue their spending habits. Corporations, especially major banks, are acknowledging rising risks within their portfolios and are taking proactive measures by allocating additional provisions. This preparation aims to cushion the impact of anticipated loan defaults, shedding light on the cautious stance these institutions a... In order to access this content an ROAR Membership is… Read more