Weekly Headline Roundup: 07-06-2024

Headline Update 07-06-2024 :

-> Monzo achieves first full year of profitability

-> Researchers use AI to accelerate the chase for safer, better batteries

-> Mortgage borrowing rises to highest level since October 2022

-> Adoption of generative AI could widen corporate inequalities

-> Household costs eased in March

-> Consumer credit borrowing halved in April 2024

-> The Monty Hall problem shows how tricky judging the odds can be

-> Google to refine AI-generated search summaries in response to bizarre results | Google

-> UK house prices bounce back in May, says Nationwide

-> Eurozone inflation hits 2.6% in first rise this year

-> AI is promoted from back-office duties to investment decisions

-> UK household debt burden set for ‘sharp rise’: Fitch  – Mortgage Strategy

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