Weekly Headline Roundup: 08-09-2023

Briefing 08-09-2023 :

-> 10% of Consumers Use BNPL at the Grocery Store

-> Generative AI to augment 11 million jobs in the US by 2030 • The Register

-> I replaced 50 lines of code with a single LLM prompt

-> More than five million have spent beyond their means

-> UK ministers seek to allay WhatsApp and Signal concerns in encryption row | Digital media

-> Britain Admits Defeat in Controversial Online Safety Bill

-> What if WhatsApp really does leave the UK?

-> Kotani gets $2M pre-seed to help African workers send money home via crypto — without the internet

-> Average student’s monthly living costs have risen by 17% since 2022

-> Use Cases for AI-Written Emails

-> Consumers are blind to AI’s benefits—brands need to prove the data value transaction | News

-> Temenos rolls out first generative AI tool

-> Using AI, university monitors online students at risk of dropping out

-> FCA launches review of treatment of Politically Exposed Persons

-> NatWest taps low code tech for payments modernisation programme

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