Weekly Headline Roundup: 15-09-2023

Headline Update 15-09-2023 :

-> TikTok, social e data broker: come ci leggono nel pensiero | Milena Gabanelli

-> UK ‘mortgage meltdown’ looms amid ‘terrifying’ growth in arrears | Mortgage arrears

-> More than a fifth of UK shoppers’ favourite grocery items at climate breakdown risk | Food

-> When AI Begins to Replace Humans

-> Natwest debuts payment links for open banking payments

-> ChatGPT fails in languages like Tamil and Bengali

-> The Power Of Causal Models In Moving From Weak To Strong AI

-> Generative AI and its impact on content indexing

-> Adyen Issues Over Two Billion Active Network Tokens

-> How Banks & Credit Unions Can Avoid Trouble with Generative AI

-> Do 0% Loans Really Exist? Some Credit Unions Are Giving It a Try

-> Chart: Travel becomes more important post-pandemic

-> Consumer car finance new business falls by 6%

-> Midlands hardest hit by rising cost of living

-> One in five households set to spend third of income on housing

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