Weekly Headline Roundup: 15-12-2023

Headline Update 15-12-2023 :

-> Visa and Mastercard lower Canadian interchange fees

-> Growth between ‘haves and have-nots’ widening

-> FCA announces financial advice support proposals

-> Shopping with cash rises for first time in a decade

-> UK mortgage lending predicted to fall in 2024

-> Millions will have to choose between buying food or presents this Christmas

-> Financial watchdog sets out credit information market improvements

-> Navigating Economic Uncertainty: A Snapshot of Q3 Household Finances | Insights

-> Microsoft’s multibillion-dollar OpenAI partnership examined by UK watchdog | Science & Tech News

-> AI: EU agrees landmark deal on regulation of artificial intelligence

-> European Union reaches agreement on landmark legislation to regulate AI | Technology News

-> Households and businesses yet to feel full impact of higher rates

-> Almost 5.6 million consumers are now credit invisible

-> Generative AI Will Transform Virtual Meetings

-> How GenAI Could Accelerate Employee Learning and Development

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