The need for Digital Preparedness

In this clip Fred Stacey from Cloud Tech Gurus discusses the importance of redundancy in data management, emphasizing the need to keep data safe, secure, and readily available for future use, including training and standardization of models. He also touches on their professional journey from agent to leadership in software, underscoring the significance of aligning people, processes, and technology for successful digital transformation and scalability. Their is an urgency of embarking on digital transformation and data normalization to avoid falling… Read more

Artificial Intelligence and Employment

In this clip Fred Stacey from Cloud Tech Gurus discusses the impact of new artificial intelligence models on the contact center market, noting significant changes since the advent of technologies like Twilio and Amazon. They highlight that software companies have been the primary adopters of these innovations, significantly altering their operations. For instance, companies could reduce their workforce by 60 to 70%, a change with potentially huge implications across global contact centers, thus marking a transformative era in the industry.… Read more

The Impact of the Pandemic on Work Models

In this clip Fred Stacey from Cloud Tech Gurus discusses the shift towards remote work, highlighting that once agents experienced working from home, they preferred it, effectively opening Pandora’s box. He mentions the effectiveness of a hybrid model, where a central hub supports training and limited in-person interactions while maintaining remote work. The rapid adoption of technology during COVID-19 facilitated this transition, including a move from on-premises to cloud solutions, effectively testing disaster recovery strategies and accelerating change in workplace… Read more

Cloud Technology and Digital Transformation

In this clip Fred Stacey from Cloud Tech Gurus discusses the ongoing transformation in contact center technologies and services, highlighting that the shift to cloud-based solutions and digital transformation is not yet complete. Although a significant portion of large corporations have started this transition, there is still a long way to go. The focus is on the potential for growth in customer relationship management (CRM) and the impact of artificial intelligence, with individual solutions gaining traction particularly in North America.… Read more

Predictions for the Near Future

In this clip Fred Stacey from Cloud Tech Gurus discusses the rapid advancement of digital transformations over the next 12 to 18 months, focusing on cloud technologies and smaller projects that will pave the way for larger developments in analytics and automation. These transformations are expected to include voice and digital biotechnologies, which, despite providing clear return on investment, require substantial backend preparation. The speaker cautions that rushing these technologies without adequate preparation could lead to challenges. Find out more… Read more

Clouds, Calls, and the AI Revolution – Contact Centre Edition – [FULL INTERVIEW]

Fred Stacey, CEO of Cloud Tech Gurus, discussed the dynamic evolution of technology in contact centers, focusing on the shift towards cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI). He emphasises the broader implications of these technological advances on business operations, workforce dynamics, and economic strategies in a rapidly changing global environment. Find out more about Cloud Tech Gurus -Here. Key Points Digital transformation in contact centers is ongoing, with significant growth potential.Cloud migration continues to be a major trend, though… Read more