Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs) – Managing within a Credit Union

Join us on the 19th March 2024, at 10am, for a discussion on Individual Voluntary Arrangements, with particular focus on managing these, and the process, within a Credit Union. Plenty of frustration has been expressed around this debt solution, in this sector, together with concerns around the influence Credit Union can have on outcomes. We will explore this topic in more detail, provide more information, a forum for discussion, and present some new data around the IVA process. The aim… Read more

[RECORDING] Intelligibility Design

Recording and notes from the recent webinar: Designing communication to support and get results – embedding intelligibility in the debt management sector The discussion focused on how organizations can improve their documents and messages to be more understandable and engaging for consumers. This involves a shift from just ensuring readability to enhancing intelligibility, which includes making the language more accessible, structuring information logically, and providing context for better comprehension. The presentations covered practical applications, including a case study from StepChange,… Read more

Building Communication that works – intelligibility webinar

Designing communication to support and get resultsEmbedding intelligibility in the debt management sector Join us on the 21st February 2024, at 10am, for a session on designing and building communication that works – intelligible communication. What is it, what techniques can be used and, from experience, what does success look like. Supporting customers is not always easy and if you can’t understand their needs or explain their options generating good customer outcomes is tough.  And, in the current regulatory environment,… Read more

[RECORDING] Arrears & Collections: Latest trends, ideas and support for Credit Unions and Community banks

Recording and notes from the recent webinar for the Credit Union and Community Banking sector – the arrears and collections process. The dialogue covers various aspects, including the rising levels of arrears, the impact of digital tools in collections, and the adoption of new regulatory practices. Presentation pdf Key Topics Discussed Key focus areas included credit union and community banking, particularly in collections and recoveries.Discussions on increasing arrears levels, driven by rising living costs and interest rates.Emphasis on the impact… Read more