Prepaid Meters in Debt Management and Customer Support

In this clip Ian Parry highlights the challenges faced by individuals with limited financial resources when it comes to energy supply. Some customers, with only £5 left at the end of the week, encounter difficulties in obtaining a prepaid metering service from their energy supplier without an appointment. This situation exacerbates their financial struggles, leading to higher debts. Prepaid metering is seen as a valuable tool for both collections companies and customers, aiding in debt manageme... In order to access… Read more

A Shift Towards Transparent and Balanced Leadership

The landscape of leadership is experiencing a notable shift towards transparency, openness, and authenticity. As Ian Parry explains traditional notions of leaders working long hours and striving for perfection are being challenged. Instead, leaders are now embracing a more balanced approach, openly discussing their personal struggles, and prioritizing their mental health and family life. The focus is shifting from glorifying excessive work hours as a badge of loyalty to promoting transparency and working smarter rather than harder. This new leadership… Read more

Smart Homes Driving Energy Efficiency and Cost Reduction

In this clip Ian Parry and I discuss the evolving dynamics of the energy supply market, with traditional suppliers and disruptive players like OVO and Octopus vying for market share. While the disruptors have been vocal about their unique value propositions, their impact in the retail market remains limited. However, the focus on smart homes and their role in achieving net-zero emissions is gaining traction. Ian mentions the emergence of companies in the UK that integrate battery storag... In order… Read more

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the Energy Industry

In this clip Ian Parry emphasizes the crucial importance of diversity and inclusion within collections, credit risk, and the energy industry as a whole. There is a need for better understanding of customers through a diverse and inclusive approach. We need diverse perspectives in decision-making processes and how it can lead to improved customer insights, better business outcomes, and enhanced community engagement. Find out more a... In order to access this content an ROAR Membership is required. To join or… Read more

Evolving Energy Landscape: Balancing Storage and Grid Advancements

Ian Parry explains in this clip how the rapid growth of green energy generation presents challenges for the current energy infrastructure, which struggles to handle the increasing energy supply. He emphasizes the critical need for effective energy storage solutions to manage the surplus energy and how it underscores the importance of modernizing the grid infrastructure to accommodate the evolving energy landscape and actively engage with individuals as both consumers and generators. The... In order to access this content an ROAR… Read more

Empowering Energy Revolution: From Consumers to Generators

As Ian Parry explains the future of energy generation is undergoing a transformative shift, where individuals are becoming active participants as energy generators. In this clip he highlights the changing dynamics of the energy sector and the implications it has on the national grid infrastructure. It emphasizes the need for a comprehensive overhaul of the current energy landscape to accommodate decentralized energy generation. We need to consider not only energy consumption but also the... In order to access this content… Read more