Enhanced Communications Clarity – [FULL INTERVIEW]

Peter Wordsworth, from Consumer Duty Services, shares his insights on the evolving landscape of debt advice, the pivotal role of technology, and the impact of regulatory changes on the sector. With an emphasis on the current economic pressures, he highlights the challenges and opportunities within debt advice, emphasizing innovation, the adoption of digital solutions, and the importance of data-driven decisions. Peter sheds light on the shifts in consumer behavior and creditor expectations but also outlines the potential path forward for… Read more

Digital Divide – Bridging the Gap

In this discussion Gary Jones discusses the widespread use of digital technology like mobile devices, noting that a high percentage of the population uses them. He emphasizes that this doesn’t necessarily equate to technological proficiency. For instance, while implementing QR codes in their customer interactions, they found that 30-40% of customers were unfamiliar with what a QR code is. It highlights a gap in digital literacy and stresses the importance of educating customers in the digital realm, as face-to-face interactions… Read more

Challenges for Engagement

In this discussion Gary Jones discusses how they analyse their client base, identifying a segment of customers who have the stability and ability but lack the willingness to pay. These cases are noted as particularly challenging and also highlight issues of illiteracy and mental health vulnerabilities among customers, which often lead to resistance in communication. This resistance extends to reluctance in engaging with written correspondence, such as letters or emails. he complexity of these issues, emphasises the difficulties faced in… Read more

Supporting Customers In Person

In this clip Gary Jones reflects on his experiences during customer visits, noting that their presence is often seen as a relief by customers dealing with challenging personal circumstances, such as the loss of family members, particularly in the post-COVID context. He observes that people’s support networks have been affected since the pandemic. Emphasizing their role, that they are not debt collectors, but rather identify as customer verification officers. Their primary goal is to assist and support customers, acknowledging the… Read more

In-Person Surveys Uncovering Barriers to Customer Engagement

In this clip Gary Jones discusses the process of conducting surveys during client visits to understand why individuals have not engaged with their clients. They discover various underlying issues like cost of living and family problems through these surveys. Furthermore, they identify literacy as a significant challenge. Customers often express difficulty in understanding the contents and wording of letters sent by the clients. These findings are fed back to the clients, highlighting the need for clearer communication and acknowledging the… Read more

Helping Customers and Clients with Service Visits and Data – [FULL INTERVIEW]

Gary Jones, Managing Director of Verify, delves into the evolving landscape of field services in the financial and utility sectors, emphasizing a shift from traditional debt collection to a more nuanced approach focusing on customer support and data collection. He discusses the impact of recent socio-economic changes on customer vulnerability and the integration of technology in field services. Find out more about Verify -Here. Key Points Field services are transitioning from debt collection to information gathering and customer support.The… Read more